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     Sto. Cristo National High School is one of the premiere public schools in the City of San Jose Del Monte offering basic education at the secondary level. It offers Junior High School level from Grades 7 to 10 and Senior High School level from Grades 11 to 12 with Academic and Technical-Vocational Track. The institution was established in 2010 under the City Schools Division of San Jose Del Monte.

     At present, the school is continuing its development in delivering high-quality secondary education in service of the San Joseño Learners, particularly in its nearby Barangays.


Elisa U. Jarabe
School Principal

Sto. Cristo National High School History

     The founding of Sto. Cristo National High School began as a response to the increasing Number of learners in the City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan As a solution, they had come up to prioritize learners coming from Sto. Cristo, Towerville, and Minuyan Main. Furthermore, 66, 834 were the expected learner population to be enrolled. With this, Ana L. De Guzman (widow of the late Dante F. De Guzman) donated the lots Block 7, Block 8, Road Lot 1, Road 67014, 67015, 67016, 67017, 67018 in Guzmanville Subdivision, Brgy. Sto. Cristo. These lots were donated during the time of Mr. Eladio C. Ramos Jr. as the Barangay Chairman which was witnessed as well by Mr.s Teresita Flores and Mr. Alfred De Guzman.

      In one of the local sessions of the City Council held on August 3, 2009 Resolution Number 2009-777-08 was discussed wherein it endorsed the House Bill 6585 an “Act Establishing a National High School in Brgy. Sto. Cristo National High School as funds were being allocated to this, Congressman Arthur B. Robes of the Lone District of CSJDM, Bulacan”. The resolution was also signed by the late City Mayor Eduardo V. Roquero M.D. and Vice Mayor Reynaldo S. San Pedro.


     Another vital local session happened on August 9, 2008. This session was about Resolution Number 21-2009 a “Resolution to Establish and Erect the Brgy. Sto. Cristo National High School in the donated lot located in Guzmanville”. Barangay Captain Eladio C. Ramos with the Councilors Edmind E. Delos Santos, Eufrionio B. Avena, Danilo F. Diaz, Nestor A. De Silva, Maria Angelica C. Avellanosa, Diomedes B. Flores, Pedro F. Pasiola, SK Chairman Carlo S. De Vera, Barangay Secretary Euros S. Ricafrente, and Barangay Treasurer Noel B. Sagala participated in the said session.

     The first endorsement was passed to the Department of Education on January 19, 2010 and was to be effective for the School year 2010-2011.

     On October 13, 2009, the City Resolution of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan approved the budget for thirteen (13) blackboards, six hundred fifty (650) wooden desks for then still being a budget of Php 1,999,950 or Php 13,333.00 per teacher was allotted. The said teachers were Emitteddy Diaz, Karissa Mae Cruzem, MaylanieDaming, Evelyn Vacaro, Francis Arceo Jr, Teresita Bartolome, Lerma Delos Santos, Rain Garcera, Mira Compas, Arlene Aran, Josephine Borela, Elizabeth Baldonado, Rommel Paradiza, Cecille Donaire, Emma Suyom, Teresita Flores, Remilyn Bolos and Aizel Francisco. In the school year of 2010-2011, the school started its operation with Mr. Mario Santiago acting as the school head until 2013 which was later succeeded by Margarita O. Joven who acted as the Officer-in-Charge until October 2013. She was being replaced by a firm and intelligent Principal Leo Glenn P. Evasco. During his five- year tenure, he accomplished many things including the road construction and the installation of the street lights. Currently, the school is managed bt the motherly dedicated Principal Mrs. Elisa U. Jarabe who devoted her time for the continuous growth of this institution.

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